Friday, June 24, 2011

[CONTEST MALAYSIA] M&M Vote and Win Contest

M&M Vote and Win Contest

Contest & Competition

Contest Period : 1 June - 15 July 2011

Description : Participants may join this Contest as many times as they want. Participants can only join the Contest by visiting the M&M’S® Vote & Win website ( ) and voting for the M&M’S® Character of their choice. Participants may choose any M&M’S® Character.

Participants must meet the requirement below to qualify:

Answer 2 to 3 M&M’S® question correctly.

450 winners to be selected for the bi-weekly prizes (everyone stands a chance to win regardless which M&M’S® Characters they have voted for). Each Individual can only win one bi-weekly prize.

Prizes : 3 grand prize winners to be selected at the end of the promotion period from the pool of participants who voted for the M&M’S® Character that received the highest number of votes by end of the promotion. Bi-weekly prize winners can also win the grand prize.

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